Sunday, December 29, 2013

Rihanna short hairstyle with blonde highlights

Rihanna is one fearless personality who never hesitates to try out the latest thing in fashion. She has always experimented with her hair, and now her very short hair has been covered with blonde highlights. This is an extraordinary look that reminds us of the 80’s.

Rihanna - Blonde highlights

Rihanna always stands out with her funky hairstyles and her blonde highlights are a sure shot hit. Her experiments have never failed her, and her fans have always appreciated her different hairstyles.

Rihanna - Short hairstyle

The recent look that Rihanna is sporting is a short hair cut with blonde highlights all over falling on her face. This has actually given her a different appeal and she’s, as usual, carrying herself well, in confidence.

Rihanna - Blonde highlights short hairstyle

Rihanna has it all- a great body, a perfect face and beautiful hair. She has been wearing different hairstyles in different seasons, and we’ve always liked her the way she is. She’s one daring personality that you’ll rarely come across. Taking such great risks with her looks, it is only Rihanna who can do it.

Rihanna - Short hairstyle

At the age of 21, Rihanna is a well known style icon and was the talk of the town when she visited New York City. Her Barbadian look with blonde highlights has added more glamour to her appearance and she is shining like never before.

Short hairstyle with blonde highlights - Rihanna

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