Friday, April 30, 2010

June 2010 British Vogue Cover preview - Angela Lindvall, ph: Tom Craig, stylist: Bay Garnett

May 2010 Italian Vogue cover preview: Daria Strokous, Photo: Steven Meisel, Stylist: Karl Templer

Steven Meisel photographed Daria Strokous for the May 2010 Italian Vogue Cover on March 18,18 2010 with stylist Karl Templer.

May 2010 Italian Vogue Cover
Model: Daria Strokous
Photographer: Steven Meisel
Stylist: Karl Templer
Hair: Julien d'Ys
Makeup: Pat McGrath
Cover preview seen at:

Faith Hills - Spring Hairstyle

We see the celebrities every day on the limelight having this long hair. It’s not uncommon to bump in a magazine with Faith Hill, Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson with this gorgeous long hair.

Faith Hill Hairstyle

While on another article, it’s not as long, but still so glamorous. Though you are not preparing for any grand event, you have the opportunity to attain the same look. The Faith Hill hair style is attained by the use of extensions. A hair extension involves attaching synthetic hair to your natural one.

Hairstyle for spring - Faith Hill

The synthetic hair looks just like your natural hair. The extension solves the problem of hair loss and breakages. Hair extensions come with different sizes and shapes. One should research on the different methods used to fix the extension to have a good outcome.

Spring Hairstyle - Faith Hill

Basic steps to follow to get an extension:
• Know how much it costs to get a good extension. Get what exactly suits you in terms of looks and hair type.
• Obtain all the details on how an extension is fixed. This will help you determine what method suits you.
• Get the methods used to obtain extensions. Research on the company options profile.

Spring Hairstyle

• Choose a good hair salon to go have your hair extension done. Make point of meeting the consultant.
• Verify that the consultant you choose is well qualified, and the salon is well equipped.
• Schedule a date that you will have the extension. Get all details that will help in maintaining your extensions.

Beyonce - Bun Hairstyle

The highly talented Beyonce Knowles is so admired and worshiped by many. This is not just because of her talent in music and acting. Her fans and people in the fashion world can’t help but notice her hairstyle. Beyonce bun hair style was discovered after the star Beyonce appeared in the limelight in 1997.

Beyonce Bun Hairstyle

Its every Beyonce Knowles’ fun fantasy to have a Beyonce bun hair style. Irrespective of your hair type or length, you can easily attain the Beyonce look. Firstly, you should make sure your hair is absolutely dry. The necessary styling products should be used so as to attain a good set. The style will easily show once beautiful face or eyes because there are no fringes left.

Celebrity Bun Hairstyle

Before starting up the styling process, ensure you have everything in place. These will include ample hair pins, fine brush and comb. If you intend to use any other accessories, you should have them in place. Keep in mind that usage of high quality sprays or any other product that improves the hair texture. This can also ease the styling process. When doing this at home, you should be sure to have practiced a lot before the actual day.

Beyonce Hairstyle

To attain a perfect Beyonce look, it’s advised to have a stylist do it for you. A good beehive involves a lot of accuracy to attain. It’s also good to remember that the Beyonce look takes time to attain.

Popular Bun Hairstyle

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

34, Avenue Foch - Mariacarla Boscono

As seen on Another Magazine's YouTube Channel:

Shot in the hidden rooms and labyrinthine corridors of 34, Avenue Foch, the Miu Miu showspace, AnOther presents the dark and playful depths of the collection. Styled by Olivier Rizzo, starring the enigmatic Mariacarla Boscono, with hair by Guido Palau and make up by Pat McGrath.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Vlada Roslyakova Polaroids

German Vogue May 2010 editorial: Aline Weber, ph: Patrick Demarchelier

German Vogue May 2010 Editorial
Model: Aline Weber
Photographer: Patrick Demarchelier
Hair: Luigi Murenu

May 2010 Ocean Drive cover - Selita Ebanks, ph: Indira Cesarine

Indira Cesarine photographed Selita Ebanks for the May 2010 cover of Ocean Drive Magazine on January 19, 2010 in New York

Ocean Drive May 2010 cover
Model: Selita Ebanks
Photographer: Indira Cesarine
Stylist Lindsay Brooke Cohen
Hair: Staci Child
Make up: Lottie

Monday, April 26, 2010

May 2010 Italian Marie Claire Cover: Naty Chabanenko, ph: David Slijper, Stylist: Belen Casadevall

David Slijper photographed Naty Chabanenko for a May 2010 Italian Marie Claire cover on December 5-7, 2009 in New York with stylist Belen Casadevall.

May 2010 Italian Marie Claire Cover
Model: Naty Chabanenko
Photographer: David Slijper
Stylist: Belen Casadevall

Friday, April 23, 2010

Come To Me: Kylie Bax by Mariano Vivanco

Supermodel Kylie Bax performs to Spagna's 80's hit "Call Me".

The film was created by photographer Mariano Vivanco for Dazed and Confused magazine.

Technical Director, Regan Hall.

May 2010 Allure, Anne Vyalitsyna, ph:Nicolas Moore, stylist: Paul Cavaco

Nicolas Moore photographed Anne Vyalitsyna for an May 2010 Allure editorial on February 22, 2010 at Nu World Cosmetics in New Jersey, with stylist Paul Cavaco.

May 2010 Allure Editorial
Model: Anne Vyalitsyna
Photographer: Nicolas Moore
Stylist: Paul Cavaco
Makeup: Mark Carrasquillo
Hair: Brent Lawler

"Bleeding Love" - Anne V by Mariano Vivanco for Dazed & Confused

Anne V lipsynchs to "Bleeding Love" by Leona Lewis for Dazed & Confused magazine.

Photographer: Mariano Vivanco
Music: Leona Lewis - "Bleeding Love"

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Siviglia Spring 2010 campaign, Kasia Struss, Photo: Mert Alas + Marcus Piggott, Stylist: Katie Grand

Mert Alas + Marcus Piggott photographed Kasia Struss for the Spring 2010 Siviglia campaign on November 19, 2009 with stylist Katie Grand.

Spring 2010 Siviglia campaign
Model: Kasia Struss
Photographers: Mert Alas + Marcus Piggott
Stylist: Katie Grand

Matt Holloway: Live from Coachella on

Women's own Matt Holloway shared his personal snaps from the Coachella Music Festival with

Music is the first order of business at the Coachella but fashion has invaded the indie music festival: there are enough models, designers and fashionistas at this years fest to make a mini-fashion week. Women Management agent Matt Holloway took the time out to share some of his from the field images especially for MDC; you’ll spot a few familiar fashion favorites, a lot of that cool laid back style the festival is becoming known for and even a movie star or two.

See all the pics at:

Monday, April 19, 2010

Spanish Vogue April 2010 editorial, Natasa Vojnovic, Ph: Nicolas Moore

Nicolas Moore photographed Natasa Vojnovic for Spanish Vogue, with stylist Sara Fernandez, on December 14-16, 2009.

Spanish Vogue April 2010 Spanish Vogue editorial
Model: Natasa Vojnovic
Photographer: Nicolas Moore
Stylist: Sara Fernandez
Makeup: Robin Black
Casting Director: Stefanie Stein

Friday, April 16, 2010

Acne Paper #10 Spring/Summer 2010 Cover: Rianne ten Haken, Mirte Maas & Natasa Vojnovic, Ph: Daniel Jackson, Stylist: Mattias Karlsson

Daniel Jackson photographed Rianne ten Haken, Mirte Maas & Natasa Vojnovic forthe Spring 2010 cover of Acne Paper Magazine on March 15-16, 2010 in London with stylist Mattias Karlsson.

Acne Paper Spring 2010 Cover
Model: Rianne ten haken, Mirte Maas & Natasa Vojnovic
Photographers: Daniel Jackson
Stylist: Mattias Karlsson
Hair: Esther Langham
Makeup: Hannah Murray

British Vogue May 2010 editorial: Dorothea Barth Jorgensen, Ph: Paolo Roversi

Paolo Roversi photographed Dorothea Barth Jorgensen for British Vogue, with stylist Lucinda Chambers, on February 4-5, 2010.

British Vogue May 2010 British Vogue editorial
Model: Dorothea Barth Jorgensen
Photographer: Paolo Roversi
Stylist: Lucinda Chambers
Makeup: Val Garland
Hair: Sam McKnight