Monday, September 26, 2011

Hello Kitty Contacts

While everything Hello Kitty freaks me out, there are definitely some Hello Kitty items that freak me out more than others. It’s stuff like this that is definitely on the high end of freaking me out list – Hello Kitty contacts:

Hello Kitty contacts
Hello Kitty contact lenses
While it is fairly obvious that Sanrio has figured out a way to possess Hello Kitty fanatics, these contacts give that possession much too much reality. Seriously, this is something right out of a horror movie. Of course, my wife thinks they are “the cutest thing ever” and wants a pair.
I alre

Hello everybody !

Hello World!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

brevity: the stripes of wit

Trying to take a leaf from Kate Lanphear's book - and The Foolish Aesthete's husband ('just because') and trying a bit of brevity, the soul of wit.

How am I doing so far?

Shot a the Topshop Unique show, as before. 18 September, 2011, Waterloo Station, Old Eurostar whatever it's called. That's it, I'm done.

Except just one thing: Is that just me, or are those shoes one size too small for that model'